Dragon Hunters Cartoon Series

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I have become a huge fan of the Dragon Hunters cartoon series after stumbling across it on my Netflix subscription and my Roku.  My kids and I watch at least 1 episode per night as we watch the pair of Dragon Hunters Lian-Chu and Gwizdo who are a pair of orphans grown up and in the dragon hunting business.  The 2004 Dragon Hunters cartoon series later spawned the 2008 movie which was a CGI opposed to the 2d cartoon series and was equally impressive.

What I like about the show is the clever interaction between Gwizdo who has a very weasel like character whose only saving grace is his devotion to Lian-Chu.  Lian-Chu himself is a quiet hulking warrior who also knits as a hobby and is full of proverbs and sayings.  The show features a new dragon type in every episode and is done with just the right mix of humor and seriousness and not over the top like Dave the Barbarian cartoon series was.  (I loved Dave the Barbarian too, but Dragon Hunters is far better).

If you enjoy Fantasy RPG material and enjoyed maybe the old 80’s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, then you are in for a treat with Dragon Hunters both the cartoon series and the CGI movie, both are worthy additions to any RPG movie or cartoon collection.

-Justin Germino

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