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I was happy to see that finally DragonBlogger is showing more subpages in the Google search results when you do a search for my homepage, I went from having 0 pages last year to now 5 sub pages showing up under dragonblogger.com in the Google search results.


I don’t particularly care for the Entrecard Generator anymore, but am glad to see my Make Money Online page as well as my Popup Domination and MailChimp pages.  What I find ironic is Google only seems to show “pages” under the sub pages, and not posts in any way.  This makes me think it is important for bloggers to consider creating a few key topics and make them as pages instead of posts on their blog so they would show up as sub pages in the Google Search results.  (I may have to consider this more).

Meanwhile I am still struggling to find consistent writers who are willing to join and commit to at least one article per week, I really am needing to build a small staff as I want to start eventually churning out at least 60 articles per month on DragonBlogger.com by the summer of 2011.  I was hoping to have 100 articles per month posting by January 2012.

After all, I want this Technology portal to really grow and reach a broader audience and be indexed more.  I am always looking for guest bloggers and hiring bloggers who want to earn a little extra money for writing articles for DragonBlogger.com.  My payments are similar to AssociatedContent for up front articles.

-Justin Germino

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