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Now that I will be spending some of my time in San Diego county, more specifically Encinitas it was just ironic that I was thinking about some places I might be able to find a rummage sale in San Diego.

imageThis is where a site like Yardies comes into play, which is specifically for people to post yard or garage sales and what contents will be listed.  Due to the very specific types of posting and arranged by cities it is perfect for those who don’t want to scour the papers and want to find a yard sale in a hurry that day or coming up soon.

I honestly didn’t know about Yardies back a few weeks ago when we consolidated our items with a neighbors Yard Sale and would have put up a listing there if I had known about the site.

Though we found many items for the little vacation property there is always some small things to find and yard sales are good for finding decor pieces that may be just right.  Furniture is a good option too if the wear isn’t too bad on it.

A quick search and I saw there were like 9 yard sales in 25 mile radius of San Diego area on October 1st weekend, but only 1 was currently listed for October 8th.  Still the site is awesome and makes it really easy for someone to specifically find yard sales, garage sales or estate sales in any city.  You can just simply search by city and radius in miles around the city you want to include.

-Justin Germino

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