Fall Break Starting Next Week

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It will be a relaxing fall break as the family spends some time in our new vacation property over in Encinitas California.  This will be the first time the kids and Grandma are seeing our 2nd home which is our getaway from the AZ heat and only a 5.5 hour drive away.

We will spend a full week there and take the kids to the San Diego Zoo and Legoland for their birthdays since we are between their birthdays and these were being done instead of a birthday party this year.

Meanwhile, I have broadband internet and am taking two days off of work but will be working from the vacation home so taking my work laptop with me.

I hope to have some pictures posted of the beach and such around the place, the house was painted by a contractor and had a dog gate installed a few days ago so I have no idea how it looks with it’s new painted color and trim and the gates.

This vacation property is something my wife and I have been dreaming about for a long time and the right property came along at the right price after many years of looking.

-Justin Germino

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