Working Out Really Does Give You A Mental Boost

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I can tell my readers out there that physically challenging your body and muscles at first may be a little difficult and a chore, but as you work out you will find your body becomes more and more “Dependant” on it. I literally feel better after an intense workout, and I do workout about 45 minutes pretty hard, lifting weights, pushups, crunches, running, and leveraging my Total Gym, Torso Tiger and Fitness Band all into my workout.

At the end of a workout I enjoy feeling the swollen strained pain in my muscles and my mood improves as well, working out is great if you are feeling blue or depressed as it releases hormones to elevate your mood. My kids watch my workout and sometimes they do pushups and situps along side me which models excellent behaviors for them to emulate growing up.

I encourage everyone to try and spend 30-45 minutes three or more times per week to workout, and if you have children include them in your workout. Take turns doing pushups, situps, or have them participate in choosing your workout music. This helps them get involved and feel glad to be a part of your workout routine.

I typically listen to Joe Satriani, Vayden, Protest the Hero, Blue Man Group, White Zombie, Smashing Pumpkins and just about anything else that has good solid drum and guitar work. Intense music helps you keep pace and push yourself a little bit more.

-Justin Germino

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