Working on my Audio Poetry Book

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I am nearly at my 100 recorded audio poems and intend to package them up and offer them to my poetry fans on my poetry blog.  I am going to finish cleaning them up and adding a playlist.  Probably will be listing them for sale as a zip file on e-Junkie for like $3.99.  This would be around 45 minutes of audio poetry for the price which I think is a fair deal.

I don’t have nearly as large a poetry following as I do for my tech blog, but there are several dozen people who follow me for my Twitter poetry game and engage with me on a regular basis.  I also participate regularly in the Creative Copy Challenge where I contribute two poems per week and an occasional story to their interactive poetry challenge.

I will be following up with a poetry book and offering for the Kindle (especially since I am promoting the Kindle Fire so heavily) I can include it for my Kindle Fire fans.  I just need to find the time to put about 150 poems into a volume, package it up, find some nice images that I can use royalty free and then publish it.

In the meantime, what do you think of offering a 100 audio recording poetry volume for $3.99?  Do you think this is a good price point for 45 minutes of audio or would this be something of interest?

-Justin Germino

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