The Kindle Fire Tablet and Why You Should Want On

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I have owned and used an iPad 2 since June 2011 but I can honestly tell my readers that I grab and try to borrow my son’s Kindle Fire’s nearly as often as I use my own iPad.  The size of device makes it ideal to hold in one hand while you are standing and doesn’t cause hand fatigue as quickly as the iPad 2.

It fits in a purse so much easier than an iPad 2 (for ladies) and can just slide in the door of your car so it’s hidden from view easier if you need to leave it in the car.  The Amazon Android app store is among the best app stores and the 1 free paid app per day they giveaway really is something I wish iTunes app store offered.  There were 4,895 apps added for the Kindle Fire in just the last 90 days not counting all the Android apps that work on the Kindle Fire that were there earlier than that.  2,165 were just added in the last 30 days.

The Kindle Fire at $199 is about 40% the cost of the cheapest iPad, so it isn’t hard on the wallet and you get about 65% of the functionality for that cost.  Some say it has an easier to browse interface that just works.  Over 3 million of the tablets were sold and there are nearly 400,000 fans of the Kindle Fire on Facebook and don’t forget the device is less than 3 months old!

Right now I am giving away a Kindle Fire Tablet to 1 lucky reader, this will be my 3rd Kindle Fire I will have given away.  I plan on giving away more in the future.

win a free kindle fire

I have also started a Kindle Fire Owners Facebook group to help connect with other Kindle Fire owners and help share information and get idea’s for articles.

Here are some helpful articles for Kindle Fire owners:

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Install Dropbox on Kindle Fire

Borrow eBooks for Kindle Fire from Library

Convert ePub books to Kindle Format

Setup Kindle Fire for Kids (so they can’t charge your accounts for apps)

As you can see I have been vesting quite a number of articles lately on the Kindle Fire and next to the iPad 2.  If you have kids under 13, I would say the Kindle Fire is a better gift than the iPad 2 if you want to cut down cost and is just slightly more than a Nintendo 3DS and has way more capability (minus the camera part).

Enter to win a Kindle Fire from in my latest contest, and even if you don’t win one you should consider possibly getting a Kindle Fire if you don’t own a tablet in your family and see what a difference it makes for replacing books, magazines, and having that mobile media streaming at your disposal.

-Justin Germino

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