Working on a Guest Blogging eBook

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As I was drafting a helpful guide for guest authors for to give them tips on how to write/submit higher quality content that would minimize my editing and SEO time I realized that I was writing a guide that could apply to anybody who wants to be a guest blogger.


So I decided to turn it into my first official eBook that I will market and offer to my fellow bloggers/readers.  I am targeting around 20-25 pages and will probably start it for sale at $1.00 but haven’t decided if I want to use which I already have an account on (and pay monthly for my poetry audio volume) or try another network.

I think the material will be worth the .99 cents, but like many eBooks if you find and read about 10-20 blog articles online you can get the same information more or less, this just keeps it all consolidated and in the same document. It also showcases my own thoughts, opinions and advice for those who are curious.

I should have it finished by the end of the week.

-Justin Germino

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