How Blogging is Like Dungeons and Dragons

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I have been a blogger for 4 years but have been playing role playing games for 26+ years including Dungeons and Dragons for over 20 years.  I was making a joke on how you can compare blogging to anything lately, after seeing so many bloggers write posts comparing blogging to everything from fishing, farming and everything in between.

So as I was pondering some comparisons between Blogging and Role Playing, I thought of some funny titles and metaphor’s to use and it inspired this post.

In Blogging you are actually multi-class, which means you aren’t restricted to a single class.  I think everyone has some levels in all of the following classes related to blogging.

WordPress Warrior

imageYep, you need to be a WordPress Warrior one who can troubleshoot minor theme issues, plugin incompatibility issues and perform updates, upgrades and other minor achievements.  You are a WordPress Warrior because you need to know how to arm your posts with content, add featured images and make sure your WordPress blog is armored with the best WordPress security like with the WP Better Security WordPress plugin. 

Content Cleric

imageChanneling your inner wisdom you are hopefully able to preach and gather a crowd of followers and devotees who spend time to worship (read) at your online house.  Your content is your bible which others read and are hopefully willing to share passages to their friends and increase your following.  You are also required to heal posts that perform poorly in SERP and fix mistakes/typo’s or incorrect information pointed out by your readers.

SEO Sorcerer

imageDon’t let any of the PR and Marketing People fool you, getting good Google Search Engine rankings takes MAGIC.  You will learn how to become an SEO Sorcerer who first delves in with easy plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast but eventually learns to manually research SEO phrases, keywords and place them optimally in articles like 2nd nature.  Soon your content will spread online in the search engines faster than the flames from a wizards Fireball spell.

Twitter Thief

imageThieves don’t just pickpocket for money, they gather information from tavern keepers, rumors from peasants and more.  As a Twitter thief you need to keep your ear to the wire as they say and know what is going on with your niche, what others are talking about and joining conversations by both friending others in your network but also with the goal of getting your own information shares as well.  Just don’t be the kind of thief that steals and reprints others content on your site.

Google Gnome

imageGnomes which are inventors, learners and thinkers show what it’s like to stay ahead of the curve, do research and be creative on how you interact/interface with the mighty Google which controls whether your content is seen by the masses.  Sure you could be a Bing Barbarian but Google still is the driving force behind you getting your content seen and whether you will get the audience and pageviews you are looking for.

Facebook Fighter

imageDifferent than the WordPress Warrior the Facebook Fighter needs to soldier on joining the ranks of over 1 billion other users.  You need to learn how to gain ranks in this Facebook army and come out recognized and more noticeable than your peers, there are always bigger fish so you need to show your mettle and take on challenges that may think are above your level until you overcome them.  Attack the big dogs, promote others material out of the blue, giveaway prizes or something that may be a little overbudget for the month to attract attention.

Blogging Bard

imageLets not forget you are ultimately and foremost the Blogging Bard, whose song is in your writing.  You sway people with your words and have to have enough charisma to make them want to follow you and keep coming back to see what else you have to say.  Weaving a little magic, a little song and dance with YouTube video’s and other means of entertainment you put on this show and make sure your content informs, educates or entertains.

In Summary

You are a multi-class character as a blogger, which class do you specialize in or which classes do you think you need to earn more experience and levels in?

-Justin Germino

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