Work vs Home Balance Tested

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This past month and for the next month I am truly tested in my day job as I have been managing what is by far the biggest project so far in my career. The scope of the project is monumental and due to the tight timelines of the project nearly everything in my personal life has suffered a bit as I cram in 14+ hour days to try and stay on top of it. I get fewer chores around the house done, my blogs are becoming stale and idle (other than posting new articles I am doing virtually no promotion and not even actively seeking advertisers) and I have been getting less than five hours of sleep on average.

I have managed to not take away time from my kids and all my extra hours are taken from my sleep time after the family is in bed, but I am hoping to try and get ahead of this game. My advice for people in similar situations is to set clear goals and ways to reach them. Break tasks down into manageable chunks and make sure you can reach those smaller goals which add up to reaching the larger ones. I do this by setting a certain amount of “tasks” I need to get done in a day and then I work until I get those tasks done. On some days I can reach the goal in 9 hours, some days it takes 12 or more hours to reach the goals but as long as I reach my daily goals I am getting closer to completing the project on time and successfully.

-Justin Germino

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