5 Hour Energy Didn’t Agree With Me

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I had to stay up working a few nights in a row and my fatigue levels were rising so I decided to try the 5 Hour Energy drinks that you see highly advertised on Television and I can say that you do get a boost of energy, but for me the price was too high to purchase the product again.

I have sworn off energy drinks before because they upset my stomach and I get these upper stomach pains which lead to vomiting and ulcer like symptoms as a result. 5 Hour Energy provided me with energy and I felt fine until about 2AM, where I did crash (they advertise no crash, but they mean from Sugar, you still suffer the caffeine crash as one of those little shots of energy has as much caffeine as a 12oz cup of coffee). When I awoke at 7am my stomach was killing me and I thought I could quell it with some breakfast, alas the pains overcame me and I went into a vomiting fit a short time later and was wracked with upper stomach pain for the rest of the day.

Now, I get these stomach pains from other energy drinks so I am not saying only 5 Hour Energy causes these stomach pains, or if everyone suffers stomach pains from drinking energy drinks. I am just saying that my stomach is too weak to handle these products and I shan’t be doing this in the future. (Of course I have said that before and I did try the 5 Hour Energy drink which is hypocritical).

My advice:

If you are exhausted and desperate for a pick me up, go with plain old tea or coffee and avoid the stuff with all the extra chemicals (even with loaded B vitamins and sugar free, its just not good for you).
I also did feel a flush and heat on my skin within minutes of drinking the product, they call this a niacin reaction as more blood flow opens to the skin. It just made my skin feel a little hot and subsided quickly.

I need to stop being a Guinea pig for Energy Drinks

-Justin Germino

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