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I found out that my CR Post2PingFM plug-in wasn’t working for my poetry blog and personal blog, where it would constantly append the URI /feed at the end of my posted URL that was shrunk with the plug-in.  It worked for DragonBlogger.com.  I hadn’t noticed this problem before and had been using the plug-in for at least five months, so I was distressed when one of my poetry players couldn’t read my Ping.FM url for my posts.  It makes me think that many of my posts over the past few weeks may have been broken in the URL shrink and not realized it.

I have switched plug-ins to using the Publish 2 Ping.FM plug-in now and am testing this plug-in to see if it works properly, one thing I like about this plug-in is it integrates with your Bit.Ly and your Ping.FM account so your links are Bit.Ly shrunk instead of using the default Ping.FM URL shrinking (this allows for click tracking and analytics).

I will do a follow up review on DragonBlogger.com later in the week and let everyone know if this plug-in works better.  One thing I don’t like is it seems to not “repost to Ping.FM” if you are “updating” a post, it may only do it for new posts.


In doing more research no plug-ins for wordpress can post to Ping.FM anymore and the cuplrit was with the feed setup in Ping.FM Superfeedr itself.. I had setup the superfeedr to using the justingermino.com/feed URL and this caused the /feed to prepend, but it appears to work when using the Google FeedBurner URL for the blog feed instead.

For now, the only way I have found to have my blog feeds posted to Ping.FM and all my social networks is to use the SuperFeedR feature inside Ping.FM itself. This limits to 1 feed per Ping.FM account but you can create multiple Ping.FM accounts linked to same social networks to work around this.

-Justin Germino

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