Will I Win Free K-Cups?

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Those who know me or see my tweets and Facebook messages already know how big a fan I am of the Keurig coffee machines.  I am so much a fan that when I bought a box of Donut House Vanilla Coffee I decided to join the Win Free K-Cups contest that I saw on the box top.


The contest runs until March 31st and somebody will win free K-Cups for life and that is a really good deal.  You can also win instant prizes by playing each day and you can enter into the contest 1 entry each day.  I haven’t won anything yet, but I keep playing it only takes about 5 seconds to put an entry in each day.

K-Cups can add up and at about $10 for a 24ct box I probably spend about $30 per month which is $360 per year in K-Cups, still if I were to buy coffee from Starbucks or something it would be 5-10x that easy with the amount of coffee cups I drink.  It is cheaper to buy ground coffee in a can and use my K-cup filter which can basically brew any coffee grinds into individual cups, but I find the whole putting the grinds into the filter to be annoying compared to the convenience of popping in a cup and pressing brew.

Can’t rave enough about the Keurig Coffee machines and since I only drink about 1 8oz cup every 4 hours it is the ideal solution, I never drink enough at once to justify brewing a whole pot of coffee.

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-Justin Germino

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