Wii Game Review: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a Nintendo Gamecube game repackaged with Wii Motion controls and sold for the Wii.  I had never actually played the game before and rented it from Gamefly for my kids to play.  It was quite enjoyable for a six year old to play and watch.  It is a side scrolling action game where you play as Donkey Kong and collect banana’s by going through different kingdoms.  Each kingdom pertains to a fruit (banana, orange, apple…etc) and each Kingdom has 2 levels and a boss at the end.  Your hit points vs the bosses depends on how many banana’s you collect and however many you retained is your final score for the level.

dkjbThe game is fun, entertaining and is a treat for little kids.  It is a bit easy and I made it through the first six kingdoms in only two hours, so the game is probably worth renting rather than buying since it will be beaten quickly.  I wish it had a 2 player option to let a 2nd player run around as Diddy Kong or something, as my six and three year olds took turns, it would have been better if they could play simultaneously.

Highly recommended if you have kids under 8 years old, I would say the game play is from 5 – 7 years old.

-Justin Germino

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