Who Was Your Favorite Pet?

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I want to know who was your favorite pet?

Share in the comments the name of your pet, what type of pet/breed and why they were your favorite. Many of us have had a special animal in our lives that touched our hearts and we continue to think about every once and a while. Pets are like family members, we develop bonds and emotional attachments to them as they befriend us unconditionally. They may not have the intellect of people but they make up for it in simplicity, charisma and loyalty.

This was a hard question to ask myself, as one of my strongest attachments was to my family dog Sheba who was a black and white Border Collie / German Shepherd mix and I grew up with her. She was a great dog and on more than one occasion defended my brother and I when we were children from other dogs and strangers. She was incredibly intelligent and fiercely loyal to the family and she will always be remembered as my favorite pet from my childhood.

My favorite pet in my adult life was my gray tabby Tassadar who I no longer have, he was amazingly loving and loyal and one reason I bonded with him is because I wanted a gray tabby as a kid and wasn’t allowed to keep one when I brought a stray home one day. Tassadar unfortunately wasn’t so friendly to my wife and even less so to my kids, so I had no choice but to give him up after my kids were born. Some pets bond with a single person and just don’t like any others, this I find to be true more with cats than dogs from my own experience.

Now I have a great dog named Porky who is a big headed, loving, snorting, flat nosed and fish bowl eyed Boston Terrier. He is clumsy, snarling, and is the most fun and amusing animal. He loves the kids and adults unconditionally and plays and sits with anyone who will give him attention.

So how about you? Share your favorite pet and why, I want to hear your story.

-Justin Germino

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