Weakened Wrist

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I noticed that a few months ago I must have injured my left wrist, there is a pain in my wrist when I bend it slightly and this prevents me from doing push-ups or working out easily. Just supporting my own body weight on my wrist causes a sharp pain, and it now has been so many weeks that I don’t think it will heal on its own. I have a set of training gloves which help support the wrist, but I am not sure what the best approach is to heal my wrist as fast as possible.

I think I will try going my chiropractor to see if he can adjust my wrist, I had a finger that would lock up at the joint in my sleep a few years back and would just get stuck extended with no way to bend it back. I had one adjustment on my hand from my chiropractor and my finger lock up issue never happened again since that adjustment, I had the same thing with my back giving out when I was shoveling too many landscaping rocks, it wouldn’t heal on its own until I had a few adjustments to help my back recover.

Failing an adjustment on my wrist, I am not sure what can heal the weakness and pain when it is bent in any direction other than completely straight. It feels like it is either in the tendons or joint where the hand exactly meets the wrist, and I am concerned that my wrist will give out if it isn’t corrected.

-Justin Germino

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