When Promoting on Twitter You Will Take Some Loss

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So one thing you will notice if you start experimenting with your Twitter account is a loss of followers. I signed up for MyLikes ten days ago to test it out and have lost an average of 100 twitter followers in one week, this is about a 3% drop in my total # of twitter followers and Twitter Counter actually shows me having a negative follower growth for the next week now. I only did about 3 sponsored likes in a week, but have done about 10 non-sponsored ones and in some cases went outside my genre or category with some of the products I liked.

Most of the followers I have and follow have not been too engaging on Twitter, I have my blogger friends and followers and my poetry followers and friends and they are pretty dedicated and loyal and accepting that my twitter account covers a wide variety of things. Sometimes its funny to use tracking services like Qwitter to find out why people stop following you, or what the last tweet was that was sent out that caused somebody to unfollow you.

It gives you insight to what you talk about or say that drives way some of your followers.

-Dragon Blogger

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Updated: April 1, 2010 — 10:21 pm