My Dog Looks Like A Gronkle

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When I saw How to Train Your Dragon, I immediately thought of my dog Porky when the Gronkle made a scene.    Gronkles are small stout dragons with bulbous heads and large underbites, flat noses and stubby legs and wings.  My Boston Terrier has a flat bulbous head, stubby legs, stout body and an underbite.  If he were green, had scales and warts and wings he could be related to a Gronkle.  Okay, the Gronkle has very close together eyes, while my dog has fishbowl eyes, but other than that what do you think?

If you have kids and you haven’t taken them to see How to Train Your Dragon yet, I highly recommend it.  The movie was fantastic and wonderful for kids and adults alike, entertaining, action packed and not overly goofy (which is good in Kung Fu Panda and Shrek) but rightly isn’t added to this film.

-Justin Germino

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