When in Rome

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Yes, I meant Rome instead of roam.  My vacation to Italy starts tomorrow and my kids grandma will be moving into our house to take care of them while my wife and I spend a much needed 12 day excursion to Rome, Italy.  Though we spend 2 days in Rome itself, we are actually enjoying a cruise that departs from Rome and travels to Sicily, Greece and Turkey before returning to Rome.

This will be the first time either of us have ever visited Europe and we are hoping the experience is magical.  I actually cannot believe my wife was able to fit all her outfits in two checked suitcases and a carry on.  I swear I thought I would have to conjure up a portable hole or a few bags of holding (D&D jokes for the RPG’rs) for this one.

Meanwhile, I will be taking lots of photo’s, some video and will hope to put together a few posts detailing our journey when we arrive home.

Note, normally I don’t condone declaring we are going out on vacation but for all would be burglars out there who may know where I live.  My house will not be empty, people are moving into it while I am gone.

Thank you,

-Justin Germino

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