What Kind of Bed Do You Need for Large Dogs?

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Fortunately I have smaller dogs and finding dog beds isn’t such a difficult thing when you have dogs the size of a cat.  However when we used to have an Old English Mastiff / Rottweiler mix named Bear we had a heck of a time finding something for him to sleep on.

Gouda and Bear Sunning

Bear preferred sleeping on dirt, even though he had a dog bed!

The thing is when looking for dog beds for large dogs you also have to consider where you will put the bed, the bed measured the size of a loveseat in length and width so we had to make sure that there was enough room in the bedroom or living room to accommodate such a large dog bed.

Also a large dog bed can get dirtier and wear out faster due to the size of the dog so it’s important to choose one made from quality materials and that is durable.  They make some where you can unzip and throw the cover into the washer to keep it fresh longer in some cases as well. 

A dog bed is something any dog large or small can consider a safe place, provide warmth and ease joint and leg pain (especially in older dogs) so they don’t have to rest and lay on a hard surface.  Everyone should consider a dog bed (unless you let the dog sleep in your bed).

-Justin Germino

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