Best Gluten Free Whenever Bars

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Recently I have been tasting a lot more Gluten free products and one thing that I had trouble finding was a gluten free breakfast cereal or snack bar that tasted any good.  They typically are dry and absorb all moisture in your mouth, hard as bricks and you feel like you are choking down field rations rather than trying to enjoy a quick on the go meal replacement.

Fortunately I came across Pamelas Whenever Bars the other week and I enjoyed them so much I went through a whole box in 3 days.


These are incredible tasting and so moist and juicy you can’t believe it.  The flavor is a little like oatmeal cranberry marzipan you really taste the almond flavor in with the cranberry and this is a great choice for those who are sick of the chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry flavored cereal bars that get old fast.

These bars are also dairy free, wheat-free in addition to being gluten free so they are an excellent choice to replace a breakfast or lunch if you are in a hurry.

I eat oatmeal and cereal bars often and all types (Nutigrain, Quaker…etc) I can honestly tell you that the Pamelas Whenever Bars were the best flavored bars I have tasted in a long time.  The fact that they were gluten/wheat/dairy free and taste this good was a huge plus.

If you are on a wheat or gluten free diet and need some meal bars on the go, you can’t go wrong with a box of these.

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