What is Effective Level in Guild Wars 2?

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Guild Wars 2 does something to help level the playing field (no pun intended) when players go back to easier area’s of the game or help and assist other players who are much lower level in a weaker area.

There is something called Dynamic Leveling in Guild Wars 2, where your character has your true level, but then they also have an effective level which is scaled down to the max for the area +1


When your level is marked down, your abilities all take a penalty as if you were that lower level, you don’t lose any gear but you are effectively weaker.  In some area’s you can have 1,100 HP and then when you teleport to a lower level area, your hit points suddenly drop to 500 max hit points.  This is a little jarring at first but is an excellent way to keep balance in the game and prevent higher level characters from dominating group quests and world events which would be completed far to quickly and easily by a higher level character.


I think it is a great system and works out really well for the game, it allows me to jump in and help my 8 and 5 year olds wherever they are and not overpower the opponents they face.

It does not dynamically adjust up your level, so no hope of going to a level 40 area with a level 15 character and expecting not to die in one hit!

-Justin Germino

Updated: August 27, 2012 — 8:17 am