Heading into Labor Day Weekend

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Lots of house work to do this long 3 day weekend but there will be moments of game time I am sure in between.  My kids have been excited all week to have some Guild Wars 2 romps for more than 45 minutes at a time and we likely will go at some point to see The Odd Life of Timothy Greene at the theaters too this weekend.

I find that my gaming time is interfering with my blogging, and I haven’t been feeling so great this past week so I haven’t stayed up at night to write articles and catch up on blogging related activities as much so my personal blog has no posts in the queue which is unusual for someone who has posts queued at least 3 days out on all my blogs.

In the meantime, perhaps some much needed rest is needed as well.

Hope some of you are having some good barbeques going on!

-Justin Germino

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