What is a Blog to Me?

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The answer to the question “What is a blog to you?” is forked and here are my answers on what blogging is and what it means to me as well.

A blog is a method of communicating one’s message to their audience and is a powerful tool because it establishes a relationship with an audience much like a journalist who has a syndicated column and people come just to read what that journalist has written.

I have always known about blogging for years, being a very experience and technology savvy individual, but only recently started my own blog. At first my motivation was to find a way to make a 2nd online income. But the more I blog now, the more I realize I enjoy sharing my opinions, inner workings and comments with my audience.

I am reaching a crowd with my words, I may be able to sway recommendations or I may give people perspective that in some way may benefit them. All by contributing my thoughts and opinions on my blog. I also seek input, it is fun to read reader’s comments to my post’s with their thoughts, experiences and knowledge. This builds a strange sort of anonymous connection with your audience members, whereas you are building a friendship not with just one person, but your readers.

I am still growing my blog and my blog means more to me with each passing week, I would keep doing it now even if it wasn’t for a pursuit of earning some revenue on the side.

Blogging can be therapeutic you can say all your rants, dribble and random thoughts just to get them off your chest, and this can provide ease of mind. For me, I just like writing about the things I interact with, from software, to movies, to TV Shows, to anything in life that I see, touch, feel, taste or hear. I like to share my thoughts, my opinions, because life is about experiences and the more people that share their experiences for others to read, the more people can learn about life and the massive world out there.

-Justin Germino

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