What Comes Next After the Blu-Ray Fad?

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Blu-ray discs, which read information via a high-definition blue laser, are currently a popular format for movies and TV shows. Although the Blu-ray fad has allowed many film collectors to expand their personal libraries, new technologies are making the process of watching high-definition videos even easier and more convenient. The following formats are providing solid competition for Blu-ray discs.


Video On Demand – Online Streaming

People who enjoy watching movies and television programs through their computers can benefit from the widespread availability of streamed online content. Internet TV, the broad term for this concept, allows you to download your favorite films and TV shows to your computer’s hard drive or stream these videos via your computer’s media player. This high-definition format is highly accessible to people worldwide and encompasses a vast catalog of video content, enabling you to watch the programs of your choosing without having to purchase Blu-ray discs.


Video On Demand – Television Set-Top Box

Similar to the online version of Video On Demand, the streaming of films and TV shows through a television set-top box is another current media trend. The set-top box attaches to your television set and uses an external signal to stream high-definition content into your home via a cable TV or satellite TV provider. Many of these providers offer both free and pay-per-view programs that you can watch at your convenience with the use of your remote control.


Digital Media Receivers

Digital media receivers are devices that are capable of transferring files from networked media servers to your television, which in turn provides you with access to a large number of films and TV shows within every genre.


4K Media

4K Players are just starting to surface, but this medium is likely to be all digital and not use physical media at all due to the vast file size of the media.


What to do with your old Blu Ray Discs

If you have embraced the latest trends in regard to watching high quality videos, you may want to sell your old Blu-ray films and TV shows so that you have more room in your home. Though several avenues for selling Blu-ray discs are available, including online classifieds, video stores and antique stores, you can benefit both yourself and the environment by exchanging your old discs for money through online recycling centers. These businesses arrange for you to ship your Blu-ray movies and TV shows for free in exchange for a pre-determined cash value. Then, the discs are taken apart so that their components can be re-used in an environmentally friendly manner.

Because film technology is always improving and developing, a number of fads are bound to follow the Blu-ray disc phenomenon. The good news is that even if you have invested a good deal of money into Blu-rays, you have the option of selling them if you choose to explore other formats for watching movies and TV shows.

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Updated: May 4, 2013 — 7:43 am