Too Young for a Senior Moment

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Lately I have been very busy at work, and it doesn’t help that I get distracted by running my blogs after hours at well.  So this distraction is probably a contributing factor to the two senior moments I had in the same day which were unrelated but just show my mind is addled it would seem.

Club Card Not Working

So while pumping gas the other morning I was trying to scan, then swipe my club card only to have it repeatedly get rejected, I was running out of time and had to get back home to join a morning conference calls so I eventually gave up on the 30 cents per gallon savings just pumping the gas quite frustrated.  As I was putting the gas pump away I noticed I was standing at a Safeway stall and had been trying to use my Fry’s Club Card for the rewards…D’oh!

Keeping Lunch Cool

My son recently got tired of having school lunch so his mom packed him a lunch and I just had to remember to toss in an ice pouch to keep it cool and put it in his backpack.  Well I grabbed a frozen icepack and sent him to school, when he came home he was missing the ice pouch. I was a bit upset that he threw it away without checking first.

Hours later he mentioned that he didn’t like the salmon that we packed him, it turns out that foil bag of raw salmon was mistaken for an ice pack and I put a pouch of raw salmon instead of an ice pack in his lunchbox.  I was horribly embarrassed and I felt bad that he thought it was supposed to be his lunch and he felt bad about throwing it away and wasting food.

The funny thing is I SWORE it was an ice pack, I even looked it over before putting it in the lunch box.


If this are signs of things to come, this is not good, I need to find inner peace and calm the distractions a bit.  Focus Danielsan, Focus….

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