Weeks Blurring Together

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The Holidays are coming so fast with the weeks blurring together that I can barely stop and catch my breath sometimes. Literally every night is spent either fixing or working holiday decorations, shopping or browsing for holiday presents or wrapping something for someone. It is amazing that I still dedicate an hour or two here and there to keep up on my blogs or else they would be idle for a few days as I can barely keep up.

Work itself is in a mad rush and the last few weeks are among the busiest which all lead up to these final weeks to get some projects completed before the end of the year. I am hoping for a lull in the last two weeks of the month, originally I had a week of PTO but had to use it up due to getting sick last month so I don’t have as much time off as I had originally planned. The hard thing is when the kids are out of school and want to spend more time playing with me. I try to time my PTO to maximize the days my kids have off from school, it just didn’t work out as well this year.

Still, Christmas is right around the corner and I think Santa will make the kids very happy this year. I have it on good authority.

-Justin Germino

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