Holiday Decorations Finished

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I was finally able to complete the setup of the Christmas decorations this year but many of my light strands were damaged and had to be discarded. Overall I bought about ten new strands and tossed about sixteen as they couldn’t survive the summer sitting in bins in the garage, the wiring heats up from the temperature which leads to shorts and failures in the decorations. Here are some pictures of the house decorations and it is about 6800 lights by my estimating the number of strands installed plus two inflatables and both have been used in previous years.

My trees have grown much larger and I just didn’t have enough lights to make my acacia willow tree look lit so I had to leave it dark this year. Would need at least 10-15 strands just for that tree alone to make it lit up. Next year I will have to budget buying about 15-20 new strands of lights to help cover the loss this year. This year I did a better job with the power distribution over previous years and there won’t be any circuit breakers tripping. -Justin Germino

Updated: December 7, 2010 — 10:19 am