Weekend of Movies

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Was a good weekend spent with the family as we finished some last minute chores around the house and took the kids to see both Yogi Bear and Tron: Legacy this weekend. Both were enjoyable but my wife and I thought Tron: Legacy was fantastic and she enjoyed the film as much as I did.

I wrote a review of Tron Legacy over on DragonBlogger.com that doesn’t contain any real spoilers on what I thought of the film, you can’t trust movie critics and I believe most films just require you to see for yourself.

Yogi Bear was fun but definitely is a simple movie and meant for kids, my 4 year old loved it and adults thought it was okay. Dan Aykroyd did actually a really good job as the voice of Yogi Bear, but the movie could have used some more substance and storyline.

We decided to replace the broken Nintendo Wii with one we were planning on giving away in a contest in the future, this was the Wii I won from Leapfish earlier in the year. So I was able to replace my Wii literally for free by using the spare I had in the office upstairs. This came with Wii Sports Resort which I hadn’t played before and I found the Fencing game to be quite fun.

-Justin Germino

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