Bedsheets from Beech Wood

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I told my wife that I loved how soft my pillow cases and bedsheets were and she said they were made from Beech Wood. I was like what!? Looked it up and saw they were 70% Modal and 30% cotton and sure enough Modal is actually a fiber made from beech trees that is smoother and softer than cotton and resists hard water better.

India produces about 4,000+ tons of Modal per year and it is used in many fabrics (particularly spandex because of its shrink resistance and flexibility). I didn’t realize just how soft and comfortable this beech wood fiber can be, and you wouldn’t think a “wood” based plant could be spun to be so comfortable.

My only problem is now that I have two pillow cases that are rough and course compared to my one that is spun with Modal in it.

-Justin Germino

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