Have Too Much To Say in One Day?

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This was one of the few weeks where I found myself ahead of my blogging schedule instead of struggling to keep up. I had the extra four day weekend and used some of it to queue about 11 posts ahead of time on my three blogs which left me wanting to write and publish more but unsure whether I wanted to schedule a post 9 days out since what I wanted to write about was more about what happened this week and not as interesting if I wrote about it too late.

As a blogger you have to set a consistent post frequency as to give your loyal readers a set date/time they know they can come and get new content to read from your site, however sometimes you just have more that you want to say in one day or a few days than one post per day. Here are some suggestions on how to deal with “extra content” which if you have is a blessing and you should start using your extra content wisely.

Tips on ways to use extra blog content:

  • Re-arrange your scheduled posts to make room for new content

Using this tip you would move around your scheduled posts and put the ones that aren’t time sensitive to dates further out in the future so as to make room for your time sensitive posts. This helps you stay ahead of your blogs and you won’t always feel pressured to write every day.

  • Submit some of your extra content as guest posts on other blogs

This is highly advantageous and provided it isn’t a personal post (about you) then you can not only gain the potential for a backlink, but also increases exposure to another bloggers readership which could translate to more visitors for your own blog. Just remember if you guest post to visit regularly and respond to comments on your guest post promptly.

  • Submit your articles to an online directory or magazine

AssociatedContent, Helium, or any other online content site may be a way to submit an extra article. You should have profiles on as many networks and sites as possible and having a few articles only increases your exposure to potential readers.

  • Sell your content

There are many forums where you can list and sell articles that are not published on any other site, and you can get anywhere from $3 to $5 for an article depending on the quality and length of the article. Though I must admit forums like DigitalPoint you see typically people try to sell article packs (not individual articles) you might be able to sell one on oDesk or another service as well.

In Summary:

There are several things you can do if you wrote extra content and are tempted to post too many articles the same day on your own blog, in my opinion it is better to use that content wisely as ways to expand your reach and audience by following some of the above tips. Remember if you sell your article you lose all ownership of it and it won’t benefit you other than the little amount of money you may receive, but people who can generate lots of content could make a good $50 per week or more just writing and selling content to other bloggers who purchase articles to augment their websites.

-Justin Germino

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