Some Programs to Make Money Online

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I wrote an article earlier in the month over on Associated Content on ways to make money blogging that should be read by those who want to know more about what programs are available to try and earn from their blog sites.  In the article I discusses some of my favorite blogging programs and tips on how to try and optimize your blog for earning, what metrics to pay attention to and more.

This was a blogger how to article and targeted for those new to the blogging arena, it is just a compilation and variation of some of the articles I write on my Technology Blog.

I enjoy writing for Associated Content in addition to blogging because you can earn some money by submitting articles and they pay you up front for publishing the article.  I have earned about $80 from AssociatedContent over the past year and a half and this mostly from submitting about 12-15 articles for up front payment.

-Justin Germino

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