Week Later and Not Much Better

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Seven days now since contracting the flu and I barely feel much better though my fever is pretty much gone for the past three or four days.  As my wife told me and several friends this past week, she rarely has seen me this sick and it had been about three years or so since the last time I was this under the weather.

Meanwhile, I have been managing my best to keep up on my work and preventing tasks from falling behind while still juggling keeping up on the household.  My kids still demand me to play with them and I do the best I can to keep everyone entertained without coughing on them too much.

Back and work today and I am in for a very busy week as I try to take over a project and drive it back on track.  On the home front I am busy helping my wife with our new venture that is just about to launch and I will be sharing more details about that soon.

My kids are very excited about Halloween coming up and are going as Mario and Luigi this year, we had a dry run in the costumes a few weeks ago and they look so perfect as the Italian duo. 

-Justin Germino

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