Visited Phoenix Children’s Museum

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We took the kids to the Phoenix Children’s Museum for the first time on Saturday and I have to say it was so much fun. First of all everything in the museum is hands on and lets the kids get down and dirty for hours. We spent a total of three hours there and there are three floors with several rooms on each floor devoted to a variety of activities that will get your kid interested and playing.

The first room has various tubes on the wall with air flowing through them, kids can put in plastic balls, or silk like cloth to watch them shoot through the tubes. Similar to office mail room tubes, they can even work on a table to build their own PVC tubing and control the flow of air and suspend balls in mid air. This room also has a large crawling pit for the little ones, my five and two year olds spent almost a full half an hour in the first room of the place.

The next room was full of arts and crafts, you get to work with your kids with paper, scissors, cardboard and can create robots, there are paints and paintbrushes and a house structure that kids can put an apron on and just go wild painting this large wooden house in the middle of the floor.

Other rooms included a hallway filled with foam tubes that you have to push your way through, like a corn maze with nothing hollowed out. There are various kitchens with full playsets, an entire grocery store with check out lines, tons of real cans and food boxes where kids can offload a truck, weigh their products, check them out, put them in bags…etc.

The list goes on, literally hours and hours of fun for little and bigger kids and the best part of it is that you get to watch them use their imagination like crazy. Almost all of the materials used in the entire museum are made out of recycled materials as well and you notice this on every exhibit.

It truly was a fun place to visit, and at $9 per person you get to spend as much or as little time as you want there for the price of taking the kids to see a movie at the theater. But no theater movie can match this experience.

I recommend if you live in the Greater Phoenix area and you have kids under 10 you should definitely take the time to visit, it was a blast.

-Justin Germino

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