Family Vacation This Year With The Children

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This year we want to take the whole family on a little getaway during summer vacation and we haven’t decided what to do yet, I am thinking about maybe a weekend at the beach in California, or perhaps four or five days over at one of the cabin’s up north at the Rim where we can do some fishing, hiking and general break away from the heat activities.

We did go to Disneyland a few years ago when my son was two, and realized that two is a little too young to take advantage of most of the rides and activities. But if you are going to Disneyland I recommend you stay at an Anaheim California hotel it is cheaper than staying at a hotel on premises and many of them have shuttles to Disneyland.

Either way, I think trying to have one family vacation per year is a must. It doesn’t have to be expensive just do something different, take your family and kids somewhere new, expose them to some new activities and scenery, and you will be surprised at how much they remember these trips. My son asks for months the next time he can go up to the lake to catch and squish crayfish with rocks, or when he can go looking for bullfrogs.

When my children are older I want to expose them to the world in ways I didn’t have the luxury or opportunity when I was a child, I want them to have a cruise, visit Europe and experience the world. I think it builds character and helps them expand their minds and views on everything in life as a whole.

As a kid growing up I had very few family vacations, two of the only ones I remember well are when we went to Salem, MA around Halloween and the whole town was decked out in full grim fare, it was a blast. The other time was in West Palm Beach, where we really didn’t do much but stay at a hotel.  I never visited any theme parks except Six Flags in New Jersey, I had a few camping trips and really enjoyed those but maybe 4 or 5 times in my whole childhood that I can remember.

-Justin Germino

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