Valentines Day Is Around The Corner

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One of my wife’s wishes is to own a real Rolex watch someday and it is something I look for quite frequently when I browse the various watches online. Perpetual Diamonds is a company that sells new and pre-owned Rolex watches that are in perfect condition. Each watch is inspected, tested finished or refurbished to be as if it were brand new. All purchases are also 100% insured by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, so anyone who purchased and was dissatisfied would have their money refunded if they were unhappy with the product.

With optional warranties included you can get a certified genuine Rolex watch for literally 50-75% less than if you bought it brand new, such as buying a genuine Rolex for just under $4,000 instead of retailing at almost $11,000 dollars. These are not faux, or imitation Rolexes, but the real and genuine ones.

rolexFor my wife, I would buy her the Ladies Rolex Presidential with diamonds at every hour. We have seen this particular watch in some jewelry stores and it can retail for over $25,000 and to find it online for under $12,000 is a good deal.

A special promo is being advertised for New Year Sale for a limited time they are giving $1,000 off any watch purchased from which makes now the right time to buy, imagine the surprise and excitement on your spouse’s face when you present them with a real Rolex for Valentines day. I know it is one of my goals in life to eventually do this very thing someday, because my wife is worth it.

-Justin Germino

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