Dropping Entrecards Last Night

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So I was dropping EC’s and actually reached over 600 EC’s last night and found out some common elements in blogs that I find most disturbing.  The primary being that some blogs have a need to deceive the entrecard logo, and put a fake one at the top of the blog, or in a post and the real one hidden somewhere else.  This can confuse you and is misleading the dropper to create false clicks, I don’t appreciate this kind of deception and try to flag blogs that do this so I will not visit them again. One went so far as to put a completely fake Entrecard with a link to another one of their blogs, while the real entrecard was hidden somewhere else.

I like performing EC dropping as when I see blogs that I like, and have similar content to what I publish on my blogs, I usually will purchase an Entrecard advertisement on those blogs.  I also like to leave comments on posts that capture my interest, and I have been known to stumble or Digg or even tweet somebody else’s post if I felt like sharing it.  I posted someone else’s blog post with a cat picture for example last night.

Word to Entrecard users, have some EC Etiquette and don’t deceive your droppers with false badges or multiple badges.

-Justin Germino

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