Undercover Boss a Winning Reality Show

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There are few reality shows that I actually watch and like but I was happy to see Undercover Boss return for its 2nd season.  This show follows CEO’s from various companies who go undercover as entry level employee’s in their organizations to gain a better understanding of how their company runs from the front lines.

This is a great concept for not only a show, but for a company owner to get a good feel for what it is really like for the workers in that company.  One recurring theme I see on the episodes is how employees tend to not realize there are company training programs available (and this is something that has come up several times now). 

The show just happens to feature more positive employee experiences than negative, but in a few cases the CEO’s have gone undercover and uncovered some employees who don’t fit the company image well (too say the least) and they have gone on to reprimand or expect remediation in their behavior or work attitude as a result.

The CEO’s at all the companies have been very "caring" and showed true passion for their organizations, this is probably one of the qualifications and shows when a CEO wants to actually undertake an assignment like this.  What I really like is that employees who are outstanding (and there are some found in every episode) are rewarded and given recognition that they may not have received had this show not existed and these CEO’s not taken the time to go undercover.

Employee recognition is among the most important motivators for any organization, an employee needs to feel valued, be respected and be praised for when they go above and beyond the "expected" requirement for their job function.  This show emphasizes this element and is probably why it has such a "feel good" mentality and leaves the viewer looking favorably toward the companies showcased by Undercover Boss.

Either way, this is a good show that instead of focusing on the negative in society, focuses on the hard workers and top execs who care about companies and the customers and it does so in a unique way.

-Justin Germino

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