Ubuntu on VMWare

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I didn’t want to do a dual boot after all and wanted to keep my Windows 8 OS up and running all the time yet still run Ubuntu and host an Ubuntu Minecraft Server for the boys without impacting my home computer use.

Well it turns out an Ubuntu OS on VmWare Player was very easy to setup and I had the Ubuntu 13 up and running in only about 1/2 an hour, it was the McMyAdmin, MineCraft server itself that took more than an hour to figure out and setup for the first time but once done it is all good and good.

Now I can save the $12 per month Minecraft server hosting fees as I am running a fully working Minecraft Server with more RAM on my Ubuntu VM and I have it setup so my kids friend can connect from public Internet with port forwarding enabled on the router.


Life is good here.

For those looking for instructions, on DragonBlogger next week I will have step by step instructions with download links on how to setup VMWare Player and Ubuntu using a folder or separate hard drive for Windows 7 or Windows 8 so you can have all the Ubuntu VMWare fun as well.

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