Make Laptop Faster with an SSD Drive

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If you are looking to make your laptop have lightning fast boot times and application load times than even more important than a minor improvement on CPU speed or adding RAM (if you are 4GB or more already) is replacing your HDD drive with an SSD drive. I saw this for myself when replacing my kids laptops with brand new Kingston 240GB SSD drives last week and the Windows 7 boot times went from power off to Windows login in 26 seconds on the older 5400RPM HDD drives to 7 seconds with the Kingston SSD Drive.

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Often you will see laptops billed with super high capacity drives like 750GB or 1TB platter drives at 5400RPM but many don’t realize these drives are really slow loading in comparison to a 7200RPM drive and especially slow compared to an SSD drive. Loading big applications, multiple applications or even Windows itself can take a long time. If you don’t have enough memory in your computer and Windows is using some of your disk space for paging, then a 5400RPM drive will even slow down general application performance if it is writing to the disk.

Now SSD drives are more expensive than typical hard disk drives and come with lower capacity, though they come up to 480-500GB now which is pretty close to standard HDD drives though at quite a bit higher cost. Still if you care about the Windows 7 or Windows 8 load times and want applications to load faster an SSD drive can make all the difference, especially if you bought a laptop recently and are disappointed with how slow loading programs or Windows is.

I have an upcoming article this week with video tutorials on replacing your laptop HDD drive with an SSD drive as Kingston sent me some models and though I lost some disk space and went from 512GB to 240GB it was worth the sacrifice to have a much faster disk in the Lenovo laptops.

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