End a Trip to Start a Trip

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Funny how I just got back from my Caribbean Cruise on Sunday evening only to have to fly out to North Carolina for my job on Tuesday morning.  I had Labor Day to hang out with the kids and alternate between house chores, playing Lego Indiana Jones 2 and Rome: Total War with my kids.

Packed my bags and out the door the next day where I will be in Charlotte until Friday while my wife holds down the fort.  I haven’t taken this many flights in such a short proximity in almost 9 years if you can believe that!

Gede from Liberty of the SeasGede with my wife and I on the Liberty of the Seas cruise ship.

Meanwhile, while on my cruise ship my wife and I were waited on by a friendly waiter named Gede from Indonesia, the man was such a great waiter showing interest and true dedication to his work.  We took the time to get to know him and found out he worked 6 months straight 7 days a week without a break while his wife and three kids back in Indonesia got to speak to him on phone calls every few nights.  Six months of work for three months off to spend with his family and I can say this is one truly dedicated and hard working individual who has a smile on his face every day and greets each cruise guest like they were his best friend.

My working/family life is a picnic compared to some dedicated and hardworking folks out there who do whatever it takes to put bread on the table and provide for the family.  I applaud all the men and women who put in the hard time and sacrifice to make sure their families are taken care of.  I have no business complaining about spending 10 days this month away from my kids when others don’t see their kids for several months at a time.

(Yet I still complain, because it is just something I am not used to)

-Justin Germino

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