Cruise stop in Labadee Haiti

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On my Royal Caribbean cruise vacation from which I returned last weekend, Labadee, Haiti was the first port destination.  The first thing to note is that this isn’t the actual town of Labadee, but a mock town specific for tourists who aren’t allowed into Labadee itself from the cruise ships.

The port is more like a private island area for the cruise ships and contains beaches, dining area’s and comes complete with dozens of locals peddling various crafts and products.

The excursion we purchased included a tour and a visit to paradise cove which is a remote beach where there are no visitors.  The sand is fine as silk, and the water cool and clear.  I had the most delicious rum punch I had ever imbibed upon arrival.

Though the tour was cut short as a result of a rainstorm moving in, we were refunding the entire excursion costs so we kind of received a 1/2 tour for free. 

Here are my pictures from Labadee, Haiti excursion:


-Justin Germino

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