Twitter Similar To Feature Lacking

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Was looking at my follow bloggers trying to leverage Twitter’s “Similar To” feature to find other bloggers of interest to follow and network with and found the feature to be less than helpful.

Was checking out @TycoonBlogger and found the following recommended because they were similar to @TycoonBlogger or at least Twitter thinks so:


Now I did more experimentation too see if such oddities would be suggested with @JohnAguiar @Kikolani @Ileane @Growmap or some of the other big bloggers and social media personalities that I follow.


I didn’t find any more humorous ones, but I did find that Similar To needs to have better filtering.  For one thing, locked accounts shouldn’t show up when they aren’t public.  For another they should check to see the follower status of an existing account and if < a certain amount then they shouldn’t recommend it as an account to follow.  Seriously it is pretty easy to find useless accounts, and the Klout Chrome plugin is really helpful as you pretty much know an account with a score of 5 or under will almost always be either a new account or 99% a bot or spam account.

The other thing is just hitting page refresh re-orders the list each time and takes off the accounts you are already following or chose to follow, so you can find some good matches but you have to be thorough enough to read their bio’s and look at the user’s tweet history if you want to find/follow people based on the default Twitter Similar To feature.

-Justin Germino

Updated: October 28, 2011 — 8:00 am