CenturyLink Teases with 40M+

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So the other day a CenturyLink guy comes to my door saying that they finally upgraded the lines in the neighborhood and now are offering the CenturyLink 40M+ broadband package.  This is 40Mbps downstream and 5Mbps upstream and had a fantastic introductory rate for 1 year.  I was very excited even though it meant I would have to buy a DSL router and disconnect my cable modem service but the price and speed were both better than what I was currently getting with Cox Communications at the time.

I have a lot of internet heavy devices in my household, including:

  • 3 laptops
  • 1 Desktop PC
  • 2 iPad’s
  • 2 Roku XDS boxes (streaming Netflix, Hulu+ or Amazon Prime Video)
  • 1 Wii
  • 1 Xbox360

The computers are always on and connected to the internet and my kids are usually streaming a movie on the Nintendo or Roku when they are home (we don’t have cable TV or satellite in their rooms anymore so they exist only on internet TV content for the kids rooms).

So, needless to say I hog bandwidth and the 40mpbs was nearly double my bandwidth plan currently with Cox.

I was all set to sign up and the CenturyLink technician called his center only to find out that the 40M+ cut off about 4 houses down on my street, and that my house was only able to get the 20M with 896kbps upstream which was much lower than my current plan (upstream).  It is lame that they can have the better plan for only 1/2 of a street in the first place, but even worse is that their door to door guy didn’t know and was so excited to sell a plan only to find out it wasn’t available and lose the order.  The guy’s time wasn’t wasted, I was educated about it coming to the area but he didn’t make a sale.

Meanwhile, I am hoping the lines get upgraded and the 40M+ does become available at my house in the near future (I was told to check back monthly).  Until then I just got a tease about the CenturyLink 40M+ and was told I could have it, but alas it isn’t available at my house.  The guy even told me “The house 5 doors down is for sale, just buy that one and move in there”.  Which I didn’t think was overly funny.

-Justin Germino

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