Tweetdeck Stupidity

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You won’t believe what happened to me the other day when using Tweetdeck!  I have quite a few profiles listed on Tweetdeck and select which ones I want to communicate with on Twitter, but for some reason I didn’t have any profiles selected and did not realize it.  I had been tweeting for a few hours maybe 1 tweet an hour and found it curious that nobody had responded to me after quite a while, I generally have a few people that acknowledge me on Twitter occasionally.

Well to my dismay I realized that Tweetdeck will pretend to do status updates, IE you can type in the status and hit send and your status disappears like it sent somewhere.  But when you don’t have any profiles selected everything you typed just gets banished to nothingness never to be seen or broadcast.  I had completely wasted a dozen or so tweets that never were sent.  I wish Tweetdeck were like Hootsuite in this regard and popup a message or warning that you have no profile selected before letting this happen.

I felt like a moron for sure,

-Justin Germino

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