TV, Movies and Wallow Fire Grows

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White Collar and Men of a Certain Age are back with new seasons this week which makes me a happy camper. Combine that with me picking up True Grit on DVD and I have my evenings set until Friday.

Going to be a busy weekend as I unload and unpack the boat and get it ready for a trip to the cabin where we are staying on Rainbow Lake.  One thing that concerns me however is the Wallow fire which is now the 2nd largest fire in Arizona and is only about 60 miles east of where I am supposed to be staying.

There still may be a risk the fire will spread west and my whole camping trip could be in jeopardy.  With 3 wild fires spreading through the state right now (that I know of) it is announced that all three fires were caused by man and not nature.  The fact that people still flick cigarettes out their car windows or leave untended campfire without making sure all the embers are extinguished is just simply irresponsible or negligent.

Millions of dollars in damages and resources spent combatting the fires, lives at risk and this speaks nothing of the ecological damage to the landscape and wildlife as a result of the fires.  People need to be more responsible when they go into the dry country up north, they need to be more accountable and aware of their actions.

-Justin Germino

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