FastCGI Running on VPS Hosting

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Thanks to MyHost my Apache instances are recompiled and now running FastCGI on my servers to help improve php performance which will hopefully keep my blogs more stable and allow my admin screens to update faster.

Moving to a VPS definitely required some tweaking and optimizing of the SQL, PHP and Apache servers to make sure it was tuned properly based on the size of the WordPress site and the amount of traffic it was receiving.  It is important to realize that when you own a VPS or dedicated hosting and you have full control over your systems it may require you doing a lot more of the investigation and tuning manually and it isn’t like a shared hosting provider where you simply rely on global configurations that apply to all shared hosting accounts.

I will give props out to MyHosting who have gone out of their way to test and optimize even going so far as to run load testing, pingdom tests and have spent days helping tune my sites to make them faster and more stable.

I don’t know of any other hosting provider that has given me ever such unbelievable support and service that MyHosting has provided in the past 5 years of having online hosted sites. 

If you really are serious about upgrading to a VPS hosting solution because you need to host more sites and handle more throughput, then you can’t go wrong with MyHosting.  In just three weeks with them I am completely blown away by their level of support.

I am expecting to cut the last of my sites over to MyHosting VPS solution sometime in July 2011 after I give some more soak time on my other sites.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: June 10, 2011 — 8:00 am