Trio: One of the Best Building Toys for Kids

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I am a huge fan of toys that help inspire a child’s imagination and one of my favorite toy’s that I have been playing with my six and three year olds lately is the TRIO Building Set. These blocks consist of cubes or rectangles with holes in the sides and bottoms that allow you to put tubes and other shapes to interlock the various pieces to create some of the most interesting things your imagination can come up with.

I think they are easier than traditional lego pieces where you have thousands of small pieces and have to build everything with rectangles, by offering out this system of shapes, tubes to link everything together you can make intersting creations with only 10-20 pieces at a time and in only a few minutes.

Here are a few of the creations I created last weekend with a combination of parts from the standard kit and the Wizards Castle:

If you have children under 10 years old in your house and have not had a chance to get them the TRIO Blocks yet, then I encourage you to pick up a building set and let their minds wander. The funny thing is I will just build 3-5 different creations for my kids and just let them battle each other with the creatures I come up with.

I don’t follow a kit, but build everything just from as I see it. If interested, they have dozens of kits, including the DC Super Friends Batcave which is awesome and costs less than forty dollars. All of the TRIO systems are compatible with each other and you can buy three, four or five kids and create some of the most amazing fortresses, towers, robots and more.

We have the TRIO Wizards Castle which took about 35 minutes to build according to the instructions, but it has 3 different configurations on how you can build the tower and each one is fun to build.

I am a big fan of the TRIO Block Building system, and think it is one of the best toys you could possible give to your kids when they are younger as it encourages them to be little engineers, architects and use their imagination to create things. My three year old can play for a long period of time just building and making his action figures fight his TRIO creations.

-Justin Germion

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