Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary

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My wife and I were married on July 4th 1999 at the Phoenix Zoo and today is our 11th wedding anniversary, so not only do we celebrate the typical July 4th festivities, we try to do something special for our anniversary as well. We both realized in retrospect that we probably shouldn’t have gotten married on a Holiday as with two kids who want to see fireworks, we often always have to tie in a July 4th event into our wedding celebration.

Love HeartWe married on July 4th for several reasons, not only was it a long holiday weekend but her parents were married on July 4th and some others of her family were married on July 2nd. It was kind of a cool thing to do at the time to have so many family members with Anniversaries all in the same time frame. Now after eleven years of being married my wife and I were joking the other day about celebrating our anniversary in May or October instead, so we didn’t have to conflict with a holiday. “Why not just choose to celebrate whenever we want, who cares what the paper says” was kind of how she put it and I totally agree.

I don’t think people should celebrate their relationship only twice a year (V-Day and Anniversary) but instead each day should be something special to cherish, you don’t need a reason to surprise your spouse with a massage, flowers, or token of affection and you don’t have to spend money to show that you care and love someone.

Happy Anniversary to my bride, I hope we have many more to share together.

-Justin Germino

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