New Trent IMP 1000 Saved My Bacon

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I was given yet another reason to love the New Trent IMP1000 external USB backup battery the other day when I realized I had left my Blackberry Phone Charger in California and wasn’t going to be back up there for two weeks.  I had no ability to charge my Blackberry phone and still use it until I just simply plugged the Blackberry USB cable into the IMP1000 and used it to charge my Blackberry overnight.


Seriously, this device can charge a mobile phone without breaking a sweat and stores 11,000mAh.

While on the way back from California which is a 5.5 hour drive, my kids were on my iPad 2 constantly playing games.  They actually drained the iPad to about 27% battery and I just whipped out the IMP 1000 in the car and plugged the iPad 2 into the New Trent backup battery.  While they were actively using it by the time we arrived home the iPad was up to 97% battery and the New Trent device still showed it had 2 bars of power charge left.  This is while they were actively using it non-stop to play games for 4.5 hours it still not only kept the iPad 2 alive but actually charged it from 27% to 97% all from an external USB backup battery.

Power draining on one of your portable devices like a tablet, mobile phone…etc are no longer a concern if you have one of the New Trent IMP 1000 devices with you.  You just charge it via A/C at home and bring it with you whenever you are going on a trip.  It can hold enough charge to fully recharge most mobile phones 6 times, and it seems to be able to fully charge an iPad 2 and then a phone left over on a single charge.

This would be one of my top 5 products of 2011 for sure!

-Justin Germino

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